Below, I’ve gathered some of the online resources I’ve found helpful in planning and enacting my projects. The links you find here and elsewhere on are not affiliate links or paid for by anyone. I’ve merely linked to things that I’ve found helpful or that I’ve used in my projects.

Ana White:  Although I normally sketch out my plans on paper, I’ll sometimes “shop” for inspiration here. The site includes a ton of build-plans for everything from kitchen tables to sheds. Even if I don’t base my design off an AW plan, I might reference them to see how certain pieces are joined or cut.

This Old House “How To” Guides:  These guides are great for getting a feel for how much time and money a project will take. They are also accessible for average folk but contain important tips and advice gleaned from the experts.

Backyard Chickens:  This is a fantastic chicken-(and duck- and goose- and others-)keeping website that offers reviews and a very active and helpful forum. For the first few years I had chickens (and then again when I got the ducklings), I was constantly prowling the forums for advice.


r/homestead:  Although I don’t quite have enough land to make a homestead, I like to see what the folks here do and think about scaling it to my property.

r/gardening:  These are mostly just pretty pictures for inspiration.

r/simpleliving:  The posts here remind me to not stress the little things and think long and hard before adding a significant purchase or hobby to my life.

r/minimalism and r/minimalist/:  I’m not really a minimalist, but I have noticed the emotional and mental well-being brought about by de-cluttering.

r/IMadeThis:  Most of the projects posted here are far out of my skill level, but they prompt me to think about adapting certain features or aesthetics to things I can actually accomplish.